Monday, December 12, 2011

christmas in chagrin falls

We spend yesterday wandering around Chagrin Falls.
We met some friends for lunch and then headed to Holly Hall to look at all the trees.
And to get a picture with Santa.
 Then we went back to our friends house for a bit of a visit before heading back into town to wander around some more.
On the way back into town we passed houses like this one...
(I die!!)
 and this one.
All the houses here look like this.
 We took a carriage ride around town...
  with Star and Stumper as our guides.
 I mean, seriously, the entire town is trimmed.
 I could never in a trillion years do it justice with my camera.
Not even if I had a good one.
 You know how towns put up decorations on light posts.
Or reindeer.
Or wreaths.
Chagrin Falls put full Christmas trees on every light post.
Cause that's how they roll.
 It is simply gorgeous.
It was a nice day.

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