Monday, January 31, 2011

scenes of our sunday

Chris worked all weekend, which is not normal.
It somehow seems harder to be a solo parent on the weekend, doesn't it?
  So on Sunday, when he had a few hours, we made the most of them.
We had us some fun.
 Urban Outfitters.
I am becoming very fond of Anthropologies less flashy, less fancy, less expensive little cousin.
 The chocolate store.
Oh how I love thee.
And didn't get a thing.
Cause I have eaten at Chipotle 3 of the last 4 days.
 Just a random kayak shot.
Cause, why the heck not.
 Then we hit up a nature center.
We love nature centers.
And as a side note...
apparently people come in here and steal the turtles.
For real!
They had to install security cameras.
It would never even dawn on me to stick a turtle in my pocket and walk out.
Stop stealing the turtles people!
 Then we headed home.
And Chris went back to work.
And I did laundry and bedtime duty and tidied up.

Random fact #1:
Chris likes blue.
Most all of his work clothes are blue.
Random fact #2:
Brooks Brothers shirts are worth every single penny.
 Atticus in a moment of calm.
There aren't many of these.
 She did NOT want to go to bed.
 But once she did...
I had some wine and watched my new guilty pleasure, The Tudors.
Henry VIII was crazy.

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C. Beth said...

What a great way to spend your day. :)