Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a progression

I just wanted this shot.
To remember how the sun hit her hair.
And how she loves oatmeal.
And how she said she had "strawberry mountains."
And how she is wearing her oldwaytoosmall leotard even though Santa brought her a new one.
And how we were eating breakfast at 10 am on a Tuesday.
Cause these moments are fleeting.
Going so so fast.

But it turned into a progression of sorts.
She's such a ham.
 And then she asked if she could take a pic "of the pretty outside sunny day"
and when I uploaded the pics, I realized it was a cool shot.

So there you have it.
Our morning in a nutshell.


Shannon said...

That bowl is as big as her HEAD! I love that Ellie is always wearing leotards :o)

C. Beth said...

What a wonderful morning...so glad you captured it (and that Ellie did too!)