Thursday, January 27, 2011

my life in numbers

Before we get to the numbers part, check out the pic above.
Green grass!
Flip flops!
These things will come again!
Won't they??

She recently did her life in numbers and I immediately thought of what I would put.
And since, lets face it, nothing is happening around here, I totally intend to steal her idea.

So!  I give you my life in numbers!

3 - number of cups of coffee I have had already this morning.
0 - number of shows that are new tonight.
1 - number of kittens that are about to get drop kicked out into the snow.
1 - number of friends I am meeting for lunch today.
3 - number of days this weekend I will be a single parent.
18 - the date on which I am hosting a party for no reason at all.
12 - number of conversation hearts I ate yesterday.
4 - number of hours of sleep I got last night.
0 - number of good books I have read lately.
3 - number of layers I am currently wearing, trying to stay warm.
1.5 - number of hours I spent at the gym yesterday.
1 - mama that I am missing today.
4 - number of cards I have ready to mail.
357 - number of facebook friends I have.
1 - number of My Little Ponies that is staring at me right now.
1 - number of soccer forms I need to fill out and turn in.  Today.
35 - number of days until my birthday.
5 - the number of years my kid is turning this year.  How is that possible?
16 - the number of times I told Ellie to eat her dinner last night.
10 - the number of fingernails I need to attend to.
1 - number of little girls that are sleeping in!
2 - number of new inches of snow we got last night.
3 - number of loads of laundry I have to do today.
4 - number of hours I average listening to Pandora everyday.  Currently really into Yiruma.
4 - number of rotten bananas in my house.  Banana bread perhaps?

That's all I have time for now.
Happy Thursday!

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LocalFunForKids said...

That was fun to read : ) I always wanted to do a post like this.