Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ellie's favorite books

We are on our second day of crazydon'tgoanywhere snow days.
We are bored.
So I asked Ellie to show me her favorite books and this was what I got.
(***disclaimer: we are messy, the room is messy, just so you know.***)
 Where Have the Unicorns Gone.
We are big into anything horse or unicorn these days.
I originally got this at the library and as soon as we got it home knew it needed to be in our collection.
 Love the illustrations.
 Big Treasury of Little Animals
I had the duck one when I was little and loved it!
It shows real kids raising real animals.
Her favorite is the kitten one.
 Fancy Nancy
Anything Fancy Nancy is a favorite these days.
I like how they teach her new "fancy" words.
Now, she must use her pen with a "plume."
 Amelia Bedelia
I must admit, when she picks this one at night I cringe a little.
Amelia Bedelia is not my favorite and it is so long
Plus you have to say Amelia Bedelia so many freaking times.
 Llama Llama books.
Love em.
I am a sucker for any book that rhymes.
Not sure why.
 Dinosaur  Hunt.
About a little dog that makes a dinosaur out of things he finds.
She mostly loves it because....
 This kitty running from the dinosaur cracks her up.
Every. Single. Time.
We are currently waiting on a shipment of books.
Do you remember the Serendipity books?
The ones that taught the moral lessons?
We are anxiously waiting to read
Morgan and Me.
Leo the Lop
Muffin Dragon.
They look like this:
I hope she likes them.

 I read somewhere once that if a child has a home library of 500+ books, they are much more likely to have 3.5 year of education past a college degree.
I remember thinking 500 books was a ton.
Now, not so much.
We have to be close to that.
We may have a doctor on our hands!
Or a vet.
Or a phychologist.
Or a whatever else she wants to be.

And just because...
 look at these awesome shoes I scored at Old Navy for 3 bucks.
 And see this "Here Comes Trouble" shirt
 Totally mine when I was little. 
Cause I was trouble.


shelley c. said...

I had a here comes trouble shirt as a kid, too. Was totally one of my favorites. What a fun activity to do on a snow day!!

Lourdes said...

500 books is great. I have about 300 children's books that I have not been able to part with - and I gave lots to the Burris library before we moved. But never, never have so many books that you can't enjoy a regular trip to the local library and bring home a stack each time. That is one of the things I miss most now that mine are all grown. But I will soon be able to start again with Mimi's Logan. can't wait - grandchildren rock!

Autumn said...

Yeah, I love knowing what Miss Tia is doing and so does my husband, he sends his hugs. Tell Ellie the next time she comes to Indiana the Grismore Girls would love to show her a good time, Grismore Style!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your daughter is the cutest thing EVER! Oh my heart. What a doll. LOVE the header! Her book collection is excellent.

This made me want to read Amelia Bedelia ad Fancy Nancy.

Molly said...

that cat cracked me up too!!!