Thursday, January 13, 2011


What is 358 you ask?
358 is the amount of calories burned in an hour shoveling snow.
Which means I burned about 650 calories yesterday.
Not. Even. Kidding.

Below are a few other interesting things I learned yesterday during the storm of 2011.

Pipe cleaners are all kinds of fun.  I just loved my little pipe cleaner girl, but Ellie wasn't overly impressed.
 She is more of a brown paper bag puppet kind of girl.
I also learned that we might just have a kitty peace treaty happening. 
And Atticus is the most tolerant kitten in the world.
 And getting ready to go outside still sucks.
 And shoveling a path for the mailman, after you have already shoveled your entire driveway and the end of the driveway (where the plow came through and heaped snow) and pulled a 40 pound 4 year old all over kingdom come is a nice thing to do and makes you feel good.
And this is not as it appears (you perverts!)
When questioned what was happening, I was told the deer can't fly and the unicorn can so the unicorn was giving the deer a ride.  Duh!
And Atticus is not only tolerant, he is smart.  This is his favorite spot.  Especially when the furnace is on.
And coffee has life sustaining qualities.
And Ellie learned what a "pinky promise" is.
And after some serious research, I discovered that Mary of Nazareth was the previous owner of my crock pot.  I think she used it to make Jesus' lamb stew.
It is that old.
 And this chocolate house is going to be the death of me for 2 reasons.
1.  I keep eating it.
2.  Ellie keeps asking if she can have just "one more teeny tiny piece, pleeeeeaaasssseee??"
 And finally, boredom leads you to do strange things, like spending 45 minutes figuring out what to do with your dinner napkins.  Seriously.  45 minutes.
So yes, while a snowy day inside can seem like an eternity, lots of interesting things can be discovered.


C. Beth said...

What a great post! I love the pipe cleaner girl. (Or isn't the PC term now "chenille stick" or something like that? Ha ha....)

Oh my goodness, the unicorn giving the deer a ride. It's so...sweet. Funniest picture I've seen in awhile!

SurvivorBlessing said...

Me too - I love the pipe cleaner girl! Very cute.
I love snow.. for like a day, without the shoveling! Like in a mountain cabin on holidays....

Paige said...

cutest salt and pepper shakers evah!!!