Thursday, January 20, 2011


We got some excellent news.
Ellie got into charter school we applied to!
This is wonderful and a huge relief to us.

However, all of this school talk has made me realize that in less than a year she will be gone.

No more Tuesday morning breakfasts at 10 am.
No more movie days.
No more trips to mall, just to kill time.
No more Thursday afternoon playdates
No more lazy days watching it snow.
No more pancake lunches.
No more preschool.
No more afternoons playing pretend.
No more.
Instead we will have homework.
And new friends.
And school lunches.
And a new job.
And busy nights.
And I will become less of a hero.
And more of a mom.
Which is ok.
It's how things are supposed to be.
But I like being a hero.
It's going so fast.
Stay little.
Just for awhile.


Shannon said...

Now you stop that, Tia! Think of a new door opening... one with slumber parties and school concerts and [dare I say it] boyfriends! Congrats on the school :o) Though, I'm sure I will be writing this same post some day. Have fun, SUPERMOM!

forever folding laundry said...

You're right, it definitely changes things. Once the kids go to school your life is not as "yours" as it used to be. But, inevitably, it becomes the new normal. And it's ok.

{Although the "no more 10am breakfasts" is a big bummer. I'm not going to lie.}


C. Beth said...

:( Aww, it's making me sad for it too.... Just 7 more months.

I'm glad she got into the charter school!

Anonymous said...

It is an adjustment when there is nobody left at home during the day. You will finally find a new normal. It is so nice to be available to them on a new level. You will have your time and be available to her in the evening. In the end you know you have done your job! I have to add that they seem to grow even faster once school starts. You are doing awesome. Thanks for the encouragement and great job on the mile run! The knee is much better today.

Heather said...

I don't know why that showed up anonymous...sorry