Friday, January 7, 2011

a day. just a day.

We have been fighting some kind of random fever in these parts.
It comes.
And it goes.

But when we were both feeling better, I got asked on a date.

Ellie told me to wait in the other room until she got everything ready.
It was lovely.

There were sentries to protect us.
Where she heard the word sentries is anybody's guess.
And there were refreshments...
and books to keep us entertained.
(The world pillow was the "thinking spot."  In case you had something important to decide.  We sat there and decided what to have for lunch.)
But then! 
Evil Lord Atticus attacked!
But was quickly captured and banished from the kingdom.
However, her closet couldn't take the violence...
and vomited dress up clothes.
It wasn't pretty.
Then after all that excitement, we both started to feel puny again.
So we rested.
And rested some more.
Yep.  It's just been one of those kind of days.
I did however, manage to get all my pictures hung in the "new" office.
I think I am pleased.
Hopefully we feel better tomorrow.


shelley c. said...

That sounds like a great day. I mean, aside from the part where you guys weren't feeling well. She takes good care of her mommy! :)

Molly said...

Ok seriously. You're killing me with the kitten. I'm not even a cat person but that thing is tooooo stinkin' cute!

Hope you all feel better fast!