Monday, January 10, 2011

things i know for sure...monday morning edition

I am not in a Monday mood.
I am more of a Friday night mood.
Somewhere warm.

Alas, it is Monday.
And it is definitely not warm here.

What I know for sure however, is:

that the weekend went entirely too fast

the Colts lost and we are sad

I have 4,256 things to do this week

daddies that play in the snow for a blessed hour are heroes
someone snuck their laundry in with ours, cause there is no way we generate that much laundry

the meals eaten this weekend were odd (think leftover snack foods)

Barbie can put on a mean fashion show

a 4 year old with a hacking cough make a trip to the mall a little embarrasing

Special K milkshakes taste just like Slimfast

Atty smiles for the camera
Outlander, staring Jim Caviziel, is sci-fi meets 904 AD and is surprisingly ok

a gym membership is on my list today, cause, let's face it, something must be done

the promise of a date at the end of the week helps any Monday seem brighter

Ellie starts real honest to goodness swim lessons this week, and is beside herself with excitement (we've done the group thing, which did not work.  Now, she WILL be learning to swim!)

a pedicure with friends and wine is a great last minute addition to a Saturday afternoon
and blue toes are fun!

reading a book electronically isn't as bad as I thought it would be, however, I will not be giving up my real, touch the pages, smell the ink books any time soon

Atticus' belongings are being moved to the basement because
1.  I am pretty sure Hoosier isn't going to kill him
2.  Boyfriend has some stinky poo and our teeny tiny upstairs can't handle it
3. at night, until he is big enough not to be crushed in our bed, it is safer that he stay down there, as Chris might drop kick him out the window if he doesn't get a little more sleep

Well, look at that...10:47 already.  Time's awastin'. 
Happy Monday!

1 comment:

forever folding laundry said...

Mondays come wayyyyy too quickly!!
I'm with ya. I feel like I deserve a weekend do-over because of that darned flu.

Hope Ellie is better and that Monday treats you well and that date night - yay Friday! - comes quickly. And I hear ya about the laundry.