Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I gotta admit, I get a little stressed every year, this time of year.

And maybe not why you'd expect.

Sure, there are a zillion presents to buy and wrap.
4,237 cookies to bake.
62 events to attend.
39 craft projects to do.
6 trillion Christmas cards to address

It's not those things that stress me.  I love to do those things.
And I look forward to them every year.

I get stressed making sure Ellie has good memories of Christmas.
Isn't that silly?
But it dawned on me her first Christmas.
I am it. 
 It is up to me to pass on the traditions my mother started with me.
No one else it going to do it.
And it just seems so important.

It's a fine line from a good Christmas to an overwhelming Christmas.
So we try and stick to the basics.
A cookie baking day.
Benjamin Mistletoe (who is a HUGE hit this year, more to come).
Christmas jammies.
A few crafts to give as presents.
A few holiday themed outings.
A visit to Santa.
Watching a few Christmas movies.
Lots of hot cocoa in the Santa mug.
Cuddles under the tree.
A drive around the neighborhood looking at lights.

And maybe this year, my favorite tradition.
When I was little, once a year, every year, Mom and I would take a walk in the dark when it was snowing.
We wouldn't go far. 
Maybe around the block.
Or sometimes to Linda's and back.
But I loved it, and loved my mom a little bit more on those nights.
Have you ever done that?
Taken a dark snowy walk?
You should.
It is the epitome of peaceful.

I know she will have good memories, cause I totally rock as a mom.
So why do I worry?

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Teresa in Egypt said...

I love walking in the snow at night. It gets so quiet and eerie (in a cool way)