Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas eve eve

Today was one of those days I was planning to just "get through."
However, getting through turned out to be fun.  Mostly.
I had a lot of coffee.
Did a lot of laundry.
Checked a lot of the ol' to do list.
Then we played barbies.
I hate barbies.
We dressed them all up and had a little fashion show.
Let me introduce you.
From L to R...
Cinderella in her own lovely dress.
Belle also in her own lovely dress.
Skanky librarian barbie.
Swimsuit model barbie.
Pocohontas rocking the hot pink 50's gear.
Gianna looking extremely classy in the red dress. She totally won.
Hip Hop Holly.
Surfer Ken.
Slutty.  Skanky librarians sister.
Arial in some 1970's get up.
Aurora borrowed Gianna's dress.
The other Ken.
Some girl who got all the leftover clothes.
(Now, obviously, I did not use words like "Skanky" and "Slutty" around Ellie, but who comes up with these clothes??)

Then we played ponies.
Then we had lunch. 
And she ate every bite.
What is it about shaped sandwiches that makes kids so happy?
Then we went to the grocery.
But that is all I am going to say about that...
Cause is was a total freaking nightmare.
Then Daddy came home and I kicked his asteroid 6 times in Gin.
So he finally gave up and played GO FISH with Ellie.
I think she beat him too.
While we had a nice little fire.
My "get through" day turned into a wonderful, beautiful day.

But the best part was this little song Ellie made up.
I will leave you with this until after the holidays.
Won't be back for awhile.
Happy Christmas!


Shannon said...

I love your kid! She is too stinkin cute :o) You guys have a wonderful Christmas!!

Molly said...

extra Ken has some major Bieber hair going on there