Friday, December 10, 2010

the big man

We saw the Big Man himself yesterday.  Still no lap sitting, but there was no slight tremble of fear either.
Baby steps people.

She asked for a:

Go Go Puppy
Bambi stuffed animal
A christmas tree doll??
A new ballet leotard
and world peace.

Ok, not world peace, but she totally would if she knew what it was.
She's cool like that.

I think she will be happy on Christmas morning.

Except for the Christmas tree doll.
What on Godsgreenearth is a Christmas tree doll?


Molly said...

Hey, I'm on Ellie's side. What pedophile thought up the "sit on the old guy's lap" concept anyway?!?! Standing a reasonable distance away and talking is close enough for me!!!

How's this for a Christmas Tree Doll? (pretty darn cute, actually) (scroll about half way down)

Lisa said...

That is a pretty good Santa! If you do find this Christmas Tree Doll we all expect pictures :)

C. Beth said...

Hmm, time to get out the sewing machine for a Christmas tree doll...ha!

That's a pretty real-looking Santa there!!