Wednesday, December 8, 2010

old pics

Chris and I have entered the 21st century and have gotten a scanner. 

In honor of this grand event, I thought I would scan and post some old pics. 
Bear with me.  I need to fiddle with it, so there is lots of extra white space and such.
Just keep scrolling down. 
You don't want to miss anything!

Picture 1: 
 Who is this cutie?  Oh yeah!  Me! 
I am at my mom's school, standing on a desk.
Picture 2: 
 Me in the first grade.  Check the feathered bangs!  I loved the feathers!
Picture 3:
Junior Prom.
Chris and Me.
Enough said.
Except that we really have been together since the dawn of time.
Proof is in the picture.
Picture 4:
Are you ready?
I have talked about her a lot on here, but could never share a pic.
Until now.
My mama.
We were golfing and her feet hurt so she finished the round in her socks.
That was so her.
Picture 5:
Just mom looking happy.  On a boat.
Picture 6:
Probably my fave pic of all time of her.
She is at school and she has her look on.
The look that says "I am smiling at you, but really want to strangle you."
She wore that look at lot.
Gosh I miss her.
So there you have it.  Now that I have the power to scan, watch out!  No one is safe!! 


shelley c. said...

LOVE all the pics. Thanks for sharing pics of your mom with us, too!!

Shannon said...

So sweet, Tia!

C. Beth said...

I love the pics...especially the ones of your mom. (And your feathered bangs too...AWESOME.) ;)

Riki said...

Loved all the pictures. Super sweet <3

Molly said...

Aww, I love your mama. The one of you golfing is adorable. I mean, she isn't quite as cool as us barefoot in sandtraps...but close. I'll take finishing the round in her socks. She was so ornery!! :)