Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a few new things

Wow.  It has been awhile.  We have just been busy around these parts!

This year I have added a few new Christmasy touches around the house.

Wanna see?



First was this little attempt to do a hurricane jar.  I know these have been around awhile, but I am just now getting to it so humor me.
I think I love it.
Last year, Ellie painted on posterboard and I cut a tree out of it.  I really liked it so after the holidays I put it in the attic.  When I pulled it out this year, the warm and cold had done its damage and it was all curled up.  No problem.  I just put it into a frame and voila!  This is right by my bed.
We have a Christmas tree in the basement this year!  It is not our big one, but we spend so much time down there, I thought some Christmas spirit was warranted.  It still needs a skirt of some sort, so don't look too closely.  I have never liked that wood paneling, even though it is real wood. That's why you don't see my basement very much.  But I will say, it sure is cozy in the winter.  We hibernate down there.
On my dining table this year is this little scene.  My salt and pepper snowmen needed a forest.  So a forest
they got!  And some canday canes too!  I like to think of it as the whirly twirly forest from Elf.
If you remember, I have a fascination with these old things.  Imagine my delight when I found one at a rummage sale in Indiana this summer.  Love.  He is the first thing you see when you come in my front door.
Had to get this.  A mom and dad and daughter snowman?  Sold!
 My little tree of redbirds.  These were my mothers, and were always on our tree growing up.
 And what was Ellie doing as I was making our house all festive?  Playing in the snow of course.  All by herself!  Meaning, I was nice and warm inside watching her outside.  It is a win-win.

Happy Christmas!

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C. Beth said...

I love your decorations--unique and homey and charming