Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today I have to take back these vitamins cause they are the wrong kind.
They have the sugary stuff on them.
And she doesn't like the sugary stuff.
Damn.  Should've checked at the store.
Today this was my breakfast carnage.
Today I am so very grateful for a haircut.
Even if it does make her tongue stick out.
And make her look at least 7.
I didn't even have to brush it and this is what it looked like. 
Should have done this months ago.
Today I am grateful for my husband.
Even if he can't hang up a coat or push his chair in.
Today I am loving these girls I got at the dollar store.
For a dollar!
They are going to make my mantle very happy come Christmas time.
 Today I moved Gnomeo to a new home and he is very happy.
Whew!  All this before 9 in the ayem.

Also today I have to:

Go through a lot of old papers and do some major shredding.
Email book club with our new book choice. 

Call Ellie's (hopeful) school to request the application.
(If you are the praying kind, we could use some.  I don't know what we'll do if she doesn't get in this school.)

Go back to the animal shelter and look at this dog again that I cannot get out of my head.
(Sorry Honey.)

Give a shout out to Chris.  Between the two of us we fixed the dishwasher!  All by ourselves.
Culprit: pumpkin seeds.

Do a little Christmas shopping.
Start on my holiday letter.
(So you like or loathe those?)

Make crab cakes for dinner.
Keep E from eating too much left over candy.
Keep me from eating too much leftover candy.

Have another cuppa coffee.
And be thankful for what I have.


shelley c. said...

Umm... if that is what you consider breakfast carnage, I am so glad you didn't see my kitchen after we made pancakes this morning... :)

C. Beth said...

Holiday letters: Like.