Friday, November 5, 2010

LOTS to do

Oh for heavens sake.  Why does everything always happen at once?  We are in the process of making some improvements to our home and in the process have decided that we:

must sell anything we haven't used in the last 15 minutes on Craigslist.
need a new couch for the finished part of the basement.
need a new bed for Ellie's room.  We are thinking loft!
need to move the office to the toy room.
so all the toys have to find a new place to live or get rearranged.
and must do our kitchen of course.  That room is awful.

We are also having our electric totally redone (you've heard how I have to toast my english muffins in the living room right?  No?  Well, it's not fun.)

I am sicktodeath of strangers in my house.  Even if they are very nice strangers who are making improvements.

And I haven't sold anything on Craigslist for awhile and I had forgotten all the craziness that comes with it.

"Whats the model number?"
"Well, I can come tomorrow at 4:37, but not a moment before."
"Can I have it for free?"
Ok, some of these are exxagerations, but you know what I mean.  I spent all night on the computer last night answering questions.  I kept having to pause Greys!  For. The. Love.

So, in the midst of all this, it is nice to just walk in my basement and see that the yucky old peeling 1970's paint is all gone and left is nice new shiny white. It is glorious!   You can kinda see it below.  We are in the organizing process.  Maybe I will do a before and after... 
We are selling the table and chairs, not the cute kid, and no, this pic wasn't used on Craigslist...she just kinda snuck in there.
Oh!  And can I just say, we got those boots for Ellie yesterday from Lands End (19.95!) and she hasn't taken them off since.  She loves them and so do I!  She can get them on all by herself.  Snow boots.  By herself.  SOLD!  They are the Flurries and as soon as I saw them I knew Ellie had to have them. 

(I think I have to say this, Land's End had nothing to do with this advertisement.  I just really like them!)

So anyhoo, that's whats going on here.  Gotta go get busy!


Shannon said...

So do you think Yang is really done?? I am glad Callie stayed though. I knew she wouldn't leave. Oh, and how hard did you laugh when April jumped in the EMS?? Love my Thursdays :o) Do you watch Private Practice too?

C. Beth said...

Wow, those sound like great improvements! Ha ha about your English muffin in the living room....