Monday, November 15, 2010

settling down

I think things are settling down around here a bit.

Thank goodness for that!
No more workers in my house.
No more big checks to write.
No more family drama for a bit.
The big fundraiser I am part of is this weekend, so things are settling down on that as well.
Shingles are still present and making a nuisance of themselves however.
I don't think I would wish Shingles on my very worst enemy.
That is how much they SUCK.

There is some fun busyness happening though.

Early holiday preparations!
I enjoy this kind of busy.
It doesn't seem like work.
The early Christmas shopping.
The planning of the cookies.
The dusting off of the pumpkin pie plate.
I am also digging the use of Santa and his influence on good behavior.
That totally rocks!

Happy Monday Blog Friends.


Shannon said...

That Santa is a great guy ;o) I wish he had as much pull in the warmer months!

C. Beth said...

Happy Monday (well, Tuesday now!)