Friday, November 19, 2010


Thursday found us playing a lot.  It started with a little dress up.
Which led to our new favorite game...SHIP!
Where we were surrounded by sharks!
And upon looking out the window, found monsters, sharp teeth, and frankensteins!
So we had to keep puppy extra safe!
 Then the other passengers alerted us to a new danger...
 A real, live ferocious beast!!
Then, after we defeated the ferocious beast, we read some Fancy Nancy.  This kid LOVES Fancy Nancy.
Then we went to school where her class had a wooly bear festival.  And Paige came!  Ellie thought it was the neatest thing ever to show us around her school.
Then we came home, had a snack and played jungle, and yes, her bed is not made.  Sue me.
Then the animals missed Daddy, so we moved where they could see him.  Isn't he sexy??  And that is my rice bag.  This time of year, that thing gets a lot of use.  It is all warm and snuggly!  Plus my mom made it, which makes it extra special.
Then we put on jammies and went to bed.  Cause we were pooped.  And it should be noted, that Ellie's jammies are vintage, meaning they were mine when I was little.  Do you remember the Get Along Gang?  I loved those little guys!
What a day!

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Molly said...

You noticed the bed wasn't made....I noticed Ellie wasn't wearing any pants. One *might* be more important than the other upon leaving the house. :)

(cute jammies!)