Thursday, November 11, 2010

livin' some life

We are living lots of life in these parts lately.

For example:

Our dishwasher broke.
Our tires keep going flat and we need new ones.
We have had lots of home improvements done around here and while I am grateful I can now toast toast in my kitchen, I am OVER people being in my house.
Part of the home improvements aren't what we had hoped and I get the pleasure of speaking to the workers.
That is so far out of my comfort zone.
I hate controversy of any kind.
Chris lost his wallet.
Chris' grandma isn't doing well and we are worried.
A huge fundraiser for Ellie's school is next week and there is A LOT to do.
I had to take Ellie to get her chicken pox booster cause,

And they freaking hurt.


They broke out on my nerve path from my right hip to my knee. 
And they are soo pretty.
I am a limpy, itchy, painful, mess.
It is a weird pain.
It comes from the inside as a dull ache with an occasional sharp stab.
And clothes are excruciating, as the simple touch of the fabric is just too much.
I don't like this.
Don't like it at all.

But there is some good stuff happening too.

Chris and I fixed the dishwasher ourselves.  It was kind of a bonding experience.
Chris found his wallet.
I didn't feel good last night (damn shingles) and Chris brought me a Subway turkey sandwich on their new flatbread.  That stuff is good!

Ellie is on an upswing in behavior.
Santa only brings toys to good girls and boys.
Or so she tells me.
I'll take whatever makes her stop whining.

We are going home for a quickie visit.
Cause we haven't been home in FOREVER.

My dirty old gross basement looks bright and shiny now and I smile everytime I go in there.

So we are taking the good with the bad over here.
Being thankful for the good.
And knowing the bad will pass.


C. Beth said...

No, not shingles!!! I'm so sorry, Tia--praying for you!

forever folding laundry said...

I'm so sorry - that is a complete drag. I hope you are feeling better soon.