Wednesday, November 24, 2010

grandma marion

Chris' grandma died.  She was loved by so many and will be missed by even more.

As a tribute, I thought I would list all the reasons I loved her.

1.  She LOVED to play games and hated to lose.  I got many a stink eye for being in the lead of a game.  I hardly ever beat her though.  At anything.

2.  She was astoundingly creative.  And I have many of her masterpieces to prove it.

3.  She was stubborn and witty and funny and wise.

4.  She had a pivotal role in raising Chris and you all know how much I love that man.  If there were no other reasons to love her, this would be enough.

5.  She made the best sausage gravy this side of anywhere.  For real.

6.  She loved the Indiana Pacers and had a bird named Larry Bird.

7.  She would give me all her old magazines when she was done with them.

8.  She kept the family together and united.

9.  She was the first in the family that I felt really liked me.  I think they all do now, but she was the first to show it.

10.  She had the greenest thumb of anyone I ever did meet.

So.  We are all sad around here.  We will miss her terribly.  Her role will be impossible to duplicate or replace. 

Oh!  And a shout out to Mark Davis.  He is Chris' little brother I had no idea he was reading...

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Sheryl said...

Tia - This was very nice. I read it to mom and she started crying. Thank you for all of your help and support.