Sunday, November 21, 2010

rules of survival

Ok people, listen up. 
I have overtaken the blog to give you some important information.
I am Meery the Meerkat and I am here to tell you how to survive living with a 4 year old.

Rule #1
Put up with the horrible names we get. 
Meery?  Really? 
Baby Polar Bear? Lamby?  How original.
Unica?  Ok.  That one's not too bad.

Rule #2
Under no circumstances let yourself get lost.
She will forget about you wasting away under the bed.
Or stuck at the bottom of the toy bin.
Or under the seat of the car.
No matter how much she says she loves you, she will forget about you.
She is fickle that way.

Rule #3
Don't get dirty!
She doesn't like things to be dirty and won't play with you again until you have gone through this horrible thing called the washing machine.
The washing machine is not your friend.

Rule #4
Prepare yourself to be handled roughly.
The more this kid loves you, the more she throws you.

Rule #5
Be prepared for squeezing.
She's a hugger, this one is.
And she hugs with a mighty force.

Rule #6
Learn to like the cold.
If you go in the car, you will probably be left in there for upwards of a week. 
 It is almost December now so plan accordingly.


Those are the basics and I know it can be hard. 
But remember. 
These are the good years. 
Before we know it, she will be too grown up for us.
And some of us will (GASP!) get donated to other families.

I know this girl can be rough, but she is our girl and we love her.
So while we have her, love her with all your might.
Love her silly games.
Tolerate her putting weird costumes on you.
Let her squeeze you when she is sleeping.
Listen to her secrets.
And keep her safe.

To stay the above and you should be fine.

Meery, OUT!

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Helena said...

I love this post! My girl adores her toys, just LOVES them and she's eight, so Meery has some wild and beautiful years ahead of him. Thanks for the smiles this post brought :)