Thursday, January 7, 2010

to do

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's resolutions and have been thinking about what I want to change this year for a week or so now. I have decided not to "make resolutions" per se, just have a year long "to do" list.

Drink more water. I don't like it, but I really need to do it!

Learn to knit. I have wanted to know for ever but have never found the time. I think my book club friend Rebecca knows how (hint hint) and am willing to provide coffee and sweets for a few lessons...

Compliment people. Everytime I see someone I think, Oh! What a pretty color for her! or, Oh! I love her shoes. But I never say it. This year, I am going to compliment people!

Try new recipes. I am in a huge cooking rut. Must break free!

Read 2 of my mothers books. I have a huge collection of my mothers old books. All her favorites. I will read 2 this year.

Have Patience. This one is a hard one for me. Work on patience. Especially with Ellie.

Get more sleep. I need it. But when Ellie goes to bed, I love to spend time with Chris or read. Really going to try and put the book down earlier and get more sleep.

Live in the moment. I am a planner. Period. Anyone who knows me, knows this about me. I need to enjoy now more, and not worry what is coming up, or what I have to do tomorrow.

Do something that scares me every day. This could be as simple as introducing myself to someone new, to as difficult as skydiving. Ok, maybe not skydiving, but you get the idea...

Be a good friend. I tend to be pretty self absorbed. I hate that about myself. I don't mean to be, and I certaintly don't want to be. I will remember birthdays, call just to chat, send cards, plan get togethers, and genuinely care about what goes on in their lives. I already care, now they will know I care! My friends are so important to me. They need to know that!

So that is my list for now. I will add more as I think of them. Or as things change...


C. Beth said...

Love the "scary" one. Very cool.

As for recipes, I have a ton on my Delicious bookmark site. I have them all tagged by category, which took FOREVER to do! But if you want to check it out, I've found lots of great recipes we love (and a lot I still want to try), an that's where I store most of them.

C. Beth said...

Oops sorry, that link was wrong! Delicious

Molly said...

Wow! What a great list!!!!!!!