Sunday, January 3, 2010


We get lots of snow. Like at least 100 inches a year. Yea. Now that I have a kid that likes to play in it, it is 4000 times worse. It is fun the first few times we go out but then she asks and all I think about is the 30 minutes it will take bundle up enough to be outside for the 10 minutes she plays before she gets cold. And the huge mess it makes in the kitchen when all the snow gets tracked in.

But I do it, because she loves it, and because my mother did it for me.

And afterwards, I always realize it was worth it.

Our first big snow happened on New Years Eve so New Years Day we headed out.

She loves it when she got pulled in the sled. Faster Daddy!

Then she treated it like sand. Ha! I wish we were on the beach.

Then we made snow angels and I got snow down my hood.

Then we buried Daddy. This was really fun.

Then we went in and had cocoa. Again, a must have but a lot of work for the tiny sip she will take. She wants to love it but just doesn't. Not yet.

So New Years Day was great around here. Since then we have basically stayed in pajamas and cuddled and played games. Particularly a new game. It is my new obsession. More on that later...

Back to routine tomorrow.

I don't wanna.


C. Beth said...

I have a hard enough time getting myself to take the kids outside in GOOD weather; I can imagine the bundling up for snow play would really annoy me! You're a great mama, Tia. :)

Molly said...

This is one built in advantage to more than one kid....I don't have to go outside!! I can bundle them up and send them out by themselves to play! YAY! :)

You, however, win mother of the year! Too cute!