Monday, January 25, 2010

new dessert?

We went out to dinner with Jeff and Megan on Saturday. It was great! We always have such a good time. As we were looking at the dessert menu, by husband mentioned how he used to break little debbies over ice cream. We all decided that is what we wanted. More like, we HAD to have it. So as the guys paid the check, Megs and I headed to Rite Aid to get supplies. Supplies were limited, no little debbies, but we made do.

I must was delicious. A little twinkie, a little oatmeal cream pie, a little swiss roll. Yum!

I highly suggest you try it.


shelley c. said...

I LOVE swiss rolls.
You can bet this will be tried.

C. Beth said...

Sinfully yummy....