Wednesday, January 13, 2010

building a snowman with a 3 year old

We have been waiting very anxiously for the snow to be "snowman snow" around here. I mistakenly showed her our snowman building kit about a week ago and every day since then she has asked about 437 times if the snow was "snowman snow."

Finally, today was the day. I casually mentioned that after Target (where I was going basically for coffee) we could come home and build a snowman.

The excitement was intense.

We drive in the driveway and this is the abridged conversation for the next half hour or so:

E: We have to get all bundled up right mommy?
Me: Yep
E: And as soon as we are bundled we can go out and build a snowman, right mommy?
Me: Yep

Spend the next 15 minutes bundling up. While she twirls around in her socks as I am trying to get her snowpants on, cries that I am messing up her hair when I put on her hat, etc...

Finally we get outside.

E: I am so excited!!
Me: Me too!
E: You brought out all the stuff right?
Me: Yep.
E: You have the heart?
Me: Yes.
E: You have the buttons?
Me: Yes. I have it all babe, I promise.
E: What do we do first? We roll the snow? Ok! This is so fun! Like this mommy? Twinkle Twinkle, rolling the snow, going to make a snowman with my mommy!
Me: (smiling at her little song and I work around her to build the bottom)
E: This is kinda hard mommy but I am still helping.
Me: You are such a big help.
E: (patting down the snow) I don't think I want to build a snowman. It takes too long. Wanna play tag?!?
Me: Uh-huh. I am building a snowman and I need your help! (Thinking: Seriously! We have been out here for 2 minutes and she is done? I don't think so sister!)
E: You build it mom, I'm gonna watch. You done yet? Can I knock it down when you are done?
Me: um, no.
E: But that would be so fun!
Me: Um, no.
E: I will put the face on when you make the head. Is that the head?
Me: No, it's the middle.
E: Where the heart goes?
Me: Yep.
E: I'll put the heart on. And the buttons.
Me: Super. Ok! I am about to put the head on! Get all the stuff on it and then we can hoist it up here.
E: What is hoist?
Me: Lift. We can lift it up here.
E: Ok. Done. Let's hoisted it up on there now. I don't think it is going to stay.
Me: We need snow! Quick!
E: You get it. I'll hold the head on here.
Me: Fine. Don't drop it. (Make 6 trips to get snow from the sunny part of the yard to keep his head on)

Snowman is done.

Me: What do you think?
E: He is great! But it sure took you a long time to make him. I am so tired.
Me: Poor baby. What should we name him?
E: I don't know? Let me think a minute. I am so tired from all that rolling.
Me: (thinking, yeah, those 20 seconds were rough!)
E: Let's go have cocoa! I have worked up an appetite!

I can't wait till Daddy gets home and Ellie tells him all about the snowman she made. With little to no help from me.

So without further ado, I introduce Mr. Caring Tink Snowman. Hope he stays around a bit.

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