Wednesday, February 22, 2012

old man

If I've said it once.  I've said it 1000 times.
I adore my husband.

He is 35 today.

I have known him my entire life.

We traded baseball cards.
Danced at high school dances.
Flirted during softball games when I played 3rd base and he was 3rd base coach.
Made out in his car behind a barn.
Went to 2 proms.
Played golf and ran track together.
Went to the same college.
Got drunk together for the first time.
Took a summer apart to make sure.
Hated every single second of it.
Graduated again.
Moved to Virginia.
Lived in sin.
Got Hoosier
Got married by the Justice of the Peace.
Worked and worked and worked and worked.
And lived in the greatest little apartment.
Got married for real in a church.
Got a new job.
Moved to Cleveland.
And lived in a not so great apartment.
Lost my mother.
Bought a house.
Worked and worked and worked and worked.
Made lots of great friends.
Went to Aruba.
Had Ellie.
Worked and parented, worked and parented, worked and parented.
Lost his grandma.
Got Atticus.
Went to Mexico.
Still working, still working still working.

There is our life in a nutshell.
The bare bones of it.
The best parts are all the days in between.
The kisses and dinners.
The card games and bedtime stories.
The date nights and beers on the front steps.

I wouldn't trade a single day with him.
Not for anything in the whole world.

CLICKHERE to read my very favorite post about him.

Happy Birthday Babe.  
I love you.


Amber said...

Happy birthday Chris! Hope you have a great day!

Oh and ps...thank you Tia for making me tear up at work because of your favorite post....dang pregnancy!

C. Beth said...

What a sweet post! Happy 35th to Chris. :)

forever folding laundry said...

So sweet!!
Happy birthday to your hubby.
You guys have a great history.

And I'm going to need to ask that you refrain
from calling your husband an old man.
{because i'm older. wahhhh!}