Monday, February 6, 2012

sunday via instagram

I think we may be on the mend.
Ellie is better, though still coughing her brains out.
Chris just got his stents out and can breathe.
He says it's amazing.
He has never been able to breathe out of his nose before.
Can you even imagine?

Here is our Sunday.

 Early morning snapshot.
Someone has been getting up super early.
All bright eyed and bushy tailed.
 That someone is not me.
 I did finally get my asteroid out of bed and make us a nice breakfast.
But how's come to get this....
 There has to be a this?
He kept us company during breakfast.
I think he was hoping for some bacon.
Dream on brother.
 Then we played and played and played and played.
Like, for real.
 And E and I went to see Big Miracle.
I love the fact she likes "bigger kid" movies now.
It was a great movie.
 Then we got home and mama needed a break.
I hightailed it out for a run.
That turned into a walk.
Cause I didn't want it to go to fast...
 Then it was time for dinner and homework.
She missed 2 and a half days of kindergarten this week.
She had a ton of homework.
Like 10 pages.
Did I mention she is in kindergarten?
Add that with all the 100 day stuff that is due Tuesday and we were busy.
 Then we watched the Superbowl.
We are Colts fans,
which makes us Manning fans,
which makes us Giants fans.
Weren't no way Brady was winning nuthin' in our house.
Just sayin'.
 It was a good Sunday.

As an aside:
My kid talks a lot.
I know I have mentioned this before...
but it's really a lot.
Last night, after a full day of constant conversation,
I looked over at her and told her to not talk.
"What Mommy?  Why not?  Am I driving you crazy?"
"Yes.  You are.  Be quiet for 10 minutes."
Not my best moment...
However, she only lasted about two.  Bless her talkative little heart.

As another aside.
"Tons of Fun" (aka Hoosier) here decided to get all cuddly one night.
It's a scary thing.
I never know whether to pet her or not.
She could smother me in my sleep is she wanted to.


Shannon said...

We like to kindly ask the girls, "let's rest our voices, ok?" It only kind of works 50% of the time.

Amber said...

Not to scare you or anything...but that talking thing may not end...she may have got the gene from her Uncle Mark. I keep telling him he's prepared me for the kid that asks a million questions.

And as for Hoosier smothering you in your sleep...she may have actually tried that on Mark when we visited you.