Wednesday, August 11, 2010

these two

Oh these two.

They are like peas and carrots.

Peas in a pod.

They have secrets

and special cuddles.

Both adore ice cream

and chocolate milkshakes.

She has his skin tone

and tans instead of burns.

And both have birthmarks on their backs.

He plays with her.

Much better than I do.

He really plays.

Maybe its because he doesn't see her everysinglesecond of the day.

Or maybe he is just a fantastic daddy.

I see them holding hands

and my heart melts a little.

I see his smirk show up in her smile

and I just shake my head.

I see his solid body in her little girl frame,

those sturdy little legs, those strong arms,

and am thankful for her healthy body.

As she grows up I know he will protect her.

From storms,

and big dogs,

her angry mama,

and later, boys.

As she grows up I know he will teach her

to golf

and play basketball

how to drive

and read a map.

Cause mama is totally directionally challenged.

He will tackle the hard homework

like science and math.

I will help with the writing

and spelling.

Cause the guy can't spell. At all. God bless him.

One day he will help her pick colleges

and classes to take.

He will encourage her to go far away

because he knows it will be best for her.

And I will have to leave the room.

Cause while I know its best too,

I won't be brave enough to tell her to go.

One day he will give her away

and his heart will break.

Maybe more than mine.

But she will be prepared.

She will be ready.

Cause she will know what a man should be.

As a husband. And a father.

Cause she has him.

She always has him.

These two.

I adore them. I cherish them. I love them.

So so so much.


C. Beth said...

AWESOME post. :)

Jessica said...


Shannon said...

Tears. I seriously have tears. You should write this on paper for her to keep. One other thing... she has a pretty great momma too! Such a lucky little girl :o) Have a good day!

shelley c. said...

That is so beautiful and moving. I am not an easy crier and I have tears from this. Ellie is lucky to have TWO such amazing parents who love her and support her and teach her everything she needs to know to grow up into a wonderful human being.

Karen said...

I almost just cried ... wonderful post!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I just love this! Seriously - three cheers for Daddies who are good players! :)

Jensamom23 said...

What a beautiful post. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all little girls who had a Daddy like that?

Deviant and Fragile said...

That was so BEAUTIFUL!