Wednesday, February 15, 2012

this girl

It's been at least 3 days since I waxed poetic about this girl so I am past due.

She seems to be changing daily.
Letting go of the baby just a little bit more each minute.

She makes me laugh and drives me crazy all at the same time.

She knows about the 13 colonies
and that porpoises have rounded teeth and dolphins have pointy teeth.
I didn't teach her either of these things.

Her favorite color changes daily.
Today is yellow.

She loves oranges now.  And my chicken tortilla soup.

She can write and leaves me notes that make me swoon.

We have been having serious talks lately.
About standing up for yourself.
And how to call 911.

She was coughing so hard last night she threw up.
Afterwards, she looked up and said...
"well, that was fun."

I interrupted her on the phone the other day
(she was wishing Tanner T a happy 16th birthday)
and she threw a finger up all
"I am busy here.  Wait a minute."

We have contests on who can compliment the most people during the day.
She always wins.

Our new obsession is buying a scratch off lottery ticket at the grocery store.
We finally won!

She takes baby polar bear in the car to school every morning,
so he can be there waiting for her when I pick her up.

I was emptying out her piggy bank the other day.
And found $85 dollars in bills.
I had no idea she had that much money.
Holy cow.
Sister needs to take me out for coffee!

I love her to the moon and back.
Forever and ever.


C. Beth said...

"I didn't teach her either of these things."

I LOVE this about school (and, for that matter.) Love it!

forever folding laundry said...

Oh, man.
What a lovely post.
And such a sweet girl you have there.
You have a great little family, Tia.
I don't blame you for being so dang proud of them.

And thank you for my happy mail.
You made my day. Really.


Karin Schubert said...

how nice :)

The last part reminded me of something I saw last night while browsing my new favorite jewelry site...

They have lots of very cute things on there besides that, too. Check them out!