Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the year according to ellie

 I thought it might be fun to see what Ellie remembered about 2011 as her favorites/least favorites.
without further ado,
I give you an interview with Ellie, age 5.5

1.  What was your best memoris of the year?

Having my very first sleepover.

2.  What was your least favorite memory of the year?

I couldn't pick one.

3.  Did you make any new friends?

Yes.  Natalie.

4.  When were you happiest?

When I first met Natalie.

5.  When were you maddest?

When you wouldn't let me wear that dress I wanted cause it's too little.

6.  What was your favorite thing to do?

Swimming, pony camp, and having friends over to play.

7.  What was your least favorite thing to do?

Get up early in the mornings.

8.  Did you try anything new?

Yes.  Grown up oatmeal and chili and roast.

9.  Did you ever misbehave?

Yes.  A couple of times.

10.  What are you most looking forward to in the new year?

Going to Disney World.
(She might be dissappointed here.)

11.  Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?

Yes.  Study dolphins and learn to ride my bike.

12.  What is your "one word" for the year?



There you have it.

I will be back soon with my plans for the new year.
I am still formulating them...


fleetfeet said...

Hah! Swim. From the mouth of babes! Happy New Year to your family!

shelley c. said...

That is awesome. I may just have to do that with J.