Friday, January 6, 2012

what i know for sure - friday edition

What I know for sure:

Going to the gym sucks.  Feeling great when you leave, doesn't.

After Christmas mail isn't near as fun as pre-Christmas mail.

Buffalo chicken lunch meat, arugula, and a whole wheat tortilla makes a pretty tasty lunch.

Any day the sun is shining in January is a good day.

Atticus will eat anything we leave on the counters.  Oatmeal, oranges, corn bread.  He is the dog I never knew I never wanted.

Routines are good things around this house.  We need them.  It's good to be back in one.

Last minute date nights with your sexy husband are a good, good thing.

Ellie is convinced I am abusing her every morning when I brush her hair.

Finding new blogs to read is fun!

Downtown people are different than suburb people.

This face will forever make me smile.

And as a little twist for your Friday entertainment, here is

What I don't know for sure:

Whether or not I will ever get a pair of kickin' boots.

If I will ever sleep well again.

If I will ever get up the motivation to get through some piles of stuff that need gotten through.

Whether or not I am going to start watching any of the new mid season tv series starting.

Which book I am going to read next.

So there you have it.

Happy Friday my blog people.

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Autumn said...

The Millennium Series. Have you read it? Author, Stieg Larsson. I can't put it down. Should be getting paid to read it with the hours I am putting in!