Friday, January 20, 2012

working girl

People, I got a job.
Ask and you shall recieve.

I actually found it on Craigslist of all places.

It is with a publishing firm downtown.

It is temporary.
For now.
I hope to wow them so they don't know how they will ever live without me.

It is project based with a serious deadline.
I am updating an encyclopedia of the countries.
Paying by the country.

They are letting me write.
Can you believe it?
Are they crazy?

It is in this gorgeous old building.
And we are all tucked away in a corner.
Lordy be, I could live there.

And they are letting me work school hours and as much as I want from home.
I would say I scored a good deal.
Even if it is temporary.

And next Tuesday I am meeting with a woman about another little part time gig.

I am a working girl.


C. Beth said...

That job sounds AWESOME!!! Congratulations!

shelley c. said...