Sunday, January 22, 2012


I know that 40 years from now, I am going to look back on days like today and think...
"Gosh, did I kiss her enough?"
"Did I kiss him enough?"
"Did I appreciate how good it was?"
"Did I realize how happy we were?"
I hope I do.
We started with a leisurely breakfast.
The best kind in my opinion.

She wanted to be a kitten.
Who was I to argue?
Breakfast was nothing special.
French toast sticks from the freezer.
Turkey bacon.
 But with him sitting across from me,
it always feels special.
 Even when I get one of these for making him answer in depth my
question of the day.
I got THIS journal for Christmas.
I make him answer the questions with me.
He did not like today's.
We discussed.
Even Baby Polar Bear joined in.
Have you not met Baby Polar Bear?
He is Ellie's lovey.
He goes everywhere with us.
Baby Polar Bear, blog people.
Blog people, Baby Polar Bear.
Now you have been formally introduced.
Then we gave Atticus his dental treats.
Boyfriend LIVES for these things.
We also found a new rare creature.
Part kitten.
Part zebra.
Part monarch butterfly.
We like to call it the Kizefly.
They are very rare.
We were lucky to spot one.
Then we headed to the nature center.
This guy was all up in our business.
We also went to our first planetarium show.
Ellie loved it.
I forgot how much I had forgotten about the stars.
And how interesting they are.

Then we came home and I made the mistake of mentioning how perfect the snow was for snowman building.
So, of course, we built one.
(How did we ever live without Pinterest??)
She thought it was so funny.
Days like today.
So normal.
So extraordinary.

Remember them.
Remember them.
Remember them.

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Toni said...

Adorable. My kid loved the snowman!