Tuesday, January 17, 2012

weekending phone shots

The weekend found us lazy.

On Friday after school I asked Ellie what she wanted to do.
She wanted go to the library, take her new books home, light a fire, and read.

I have trained her well.

 I was all curled up in my chair by the fire.
Kitty on lap.
Coffee beside me.
I look up, and all of a sudden there is a tiger!
 And a dolphin!
 Then, since Daddy had to work late, we had a little dinner and watched a movie in the basement.
It was a nice night with my girl.

Saturday found us having a sleepover with Izzy.
We went and watched her play floor hockey...
 and she did Ellie's hair.
Ellie was in heaven.
 We watched a movie, ordered pizza and girl talked.
Nearly 15 year olds are a wealth of information.
For real.
I look forward to Ellie being 15.  I think.

Then Ellie went to bed and I found out Iz had never seen Hope Floats.
That is just blashphemous, so we watched.
Harry Connik, Jr. knows how to wear a cowboy hat. 
That is all I am going to say about that.

Then the next morning,
Ken made me the worlds best cup of coffee.
Worlds best.
Must. Get. Nespresso. Machine.
And Paige made me a bagel sandwich.
It was like I was a queen.
I was spoiled.
 Then, on Sunday since Chris was busy playing host to his brother and his friend,
(who came up for the Ohio State/Michigan hockey game),
Ellie and I went shopping.
She had Target gift cards burning holes in her pockets.
She wandered around for what felt like days.
She was gonna get dress up shoes.
She was gonna get a dress.
She was gonna get a game.

Lord have mercy.
She kept saying things like:
"I wish this was only a dollar."
"I wish you would buy this for me."
"I wish I had a hundred dollars."

So do I sister friend.  So do I.

She finally settled on this Princess Piano Vanity thing.
She had desperately wanted it for Christmas,
and told Santa, after Santa had finished his shopping.
She spent every single penny of her gift cards on it.
And is pleased as punch with her purchase.
There has been much music making around these parts.

Monday found Chris hungover.
Bless his little beer drinking heart.
But he was a trooper and accompanied Ellie and I to the doctor.
She has cradle cap.
At 5 years old.
How is that even possible?
And she has a cold.
A good one.
A coughy cough cough cough cough one.

We lunched and napped and gamed and read.
Is anyone else addicted to Temple Run on the iphone?
I may or may not have thrown my phone to the other end of the couch after a long but not quite long enough run yesterday...damn monkey thingies...
 And then we headed off to celebrate little Darren.
He turned 2.

All in all...
It was a keeper of a weekend.

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Toni said...

Busy busy weekend! Looks like a lot of fun.

I love the pop-up book.