Sunday, February 13, 2011


Ellie hosted her very first sleepover!

It went great.
The "other Ellie" came and the girls had a ball!

Key Points of Sleepover:
matching jammies
matching plates
fight over slippers
other Ellie afraid of kitties
kept calling each other sweetheart
played house
and candyland
and old maid
barettes in hair
watched Spirit
frosted cupcakes
had a manicure
hugged a lot
Asleep at 10:45
Awake at 6:07.

Memorable Quotes form Sleepover:
"This is the best day ever!" - Ellie C.
"Sleepover macaroni is better than other macaroni!" - Ellie C.
"Ellie!  Let's hug!" - Ellie D.
"Are they going to kiss?  Maybe they will fall in love!" - Ellie C.
"Cupcakes make me happy!" - Ellie D.
"Oh dear!" - Ellie C.
"Ellie, I don't think it is morning yet.  Go back to sleep." - Ellie D.
(it was, but barely.)
"Can I cheat?" - Ellie C, while playing Candyland
"Ms. Tia, for breakfast I want pancakes with strawberries on them, sausage, milk and a cupcake." - Ellie C.
"Mommy, the other Ellie gets up when it's still dark!" - Ellie D.

So, here are the pics of the night.

 I like to call this "sleepover carnage."

And an hour after the other Ellie left, I realized how quiet it was...
and found this.
Our first sleepover was definitely a success!


C. Beth said...

Aww--how FUN!! I love the last picture.

Shannon said...

I can't WAIT for sleepovers!!