Friday, February 18, 2011

today, so far

Ellie has been sick.
High fever for 3 days.
Ear infection.
And a cough.
That WILLNOT go away.
A cough that makes her throw up things that don't even look like they came from a human.

Went to the doc and got lots of meds.

Apparently, she has a touch of asthma.
That any kind of cold or respitory issue makes worse.
Like, much, much worse.
Fever is finally gone, but I think Mr. Cough is going to be around awhile.

And it's always fun to have that kid.
You know the one I mean.
The one that you know is perfectly fine and not contagious, but sounds like the walking dead.
The one where parents stare at you, thinking, "why is she out and about, infecting everything."
More fun.

But today the sun is shining and I was determined to go outside for just a bit to blow the stink off.

We took half her bedroom to the front steps.
 While a kitty watched from above.
 We took a short bike ride.
 We lunched.
 We had an awesome mail day.
 And we went back outside and chalked some more.
We have also played babies, and barbies, and animals, and games.

It has been a long freaking week.
Sick kids are a lot of work.
The up and down all night is exhausting.
The worrying is even more exhausting.
And fevers and coughs are no fun.
So there.

I just told Ellie that I was going to finish this post, play one more game with her, then lay on my bed and read my book.

1.  It's really good.
2.  I am tired.

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C. Beth said...

The nights are killer, I agree. Hubs and I both really need a good night's sleep tonight.

Enjoy your book, and give Ellie non-contagious get-well hugs from Zoodle. :)