Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today is Chris' birthday.
I could go on and on about how much I love him.
But it feels I have done that before.
Several times.

So I thought I would tell you some of our best memories.

1.  When he graduated college, and I was still working on my masters, he up and took a job in Virginia Beach. 12 hours away. I was very hesitant about going.  Didn't want to leave my family.  He told me he was going, no matter what, and that he really hoped I would follow him. 
My mother told me to go! 
Told me to go out and see what was out there.
6 months later, after I finished my masters,
I went.
Best decision I ever made.
One of the best times of my life.
Just us.  Didn't know a soul.  In a beautiful place.
Lived there nearly 4 years.

2.  Which leads me to another good memory.
He moved in March.
In May, I went to visit him.
He proposed.
With flowers and a ring and down on his knee and everything.
Then I got food poisening.
And barfed for 24 hours.
Then his boss wanted to meet me.
So, of course I went, still a little green around the gills.
And his boss ordered a soft crab sandwich.
(this was Virginia Beach, after all)
And seeing those legs sticking out of that sandwich about made me barf again.
But I didn't.

3.  I moved there in August.
We lived in a great little apartment in the historic district of Norfolk.
Lots of sailors about.
I couldn't find a job with my newly acquired masters degree.
So I waitressed.
And learned a lot of valuable life lessons.
Like how to take a shot of tequila.
And to never drink with a bartender.
Chris would come up and visit me at the restaurant.
And play Golden Tee while I worked.
And he would always order a mexi club wrap.
With fries.

4.  We were scheduled to get married on June 16. 
In the middle of Feb, we realized that my insurance with my parents would run at the end of that month.
So rather than risk it,
we hopped on down to the Justice of the Peace
and on Feb 28
we got married.
Just us.
And a sweet old man who married us.
No one knew except my parents,
who sent us flowers,
which we watched get stolen right out of the lobby of our apartment building.
So every Feb. 28 we celebrate JOP day.
Justice of the Peace day.

5.  Another favorite memory is the morning I told him we were going to have Ellie.
But I am keeping that one to myself.

There are a bunch more.
But I will save some for another post.

Love you baby.  Have a wonderful birthday!


Shannon said...

Great post! Happy Birthday Chris!! You've got a great wife :o)

C. Beth said...

What a SWEET post. I'm glad you caught a good one. :)

forever folding laundry said...

So sweet!
We moved out of state right after we got married, and I didn't want to go either. Best two years e-v-e-r.

Happy birthday to your guy!!