Monday, February 21, 2011

scenes of our sunday

Chris and I decided Saturday night that if Ellie felt up for it (still really tired from her fever) we would go out for a big breakfast.
Lucky for us, she felt up for it.
 Gosh I love this kid.
 See?  I didn't hold back.  It was delicious.
 My 2 favorite people in all the world.
 Then we went home and relaxed for a bit.
 We played some Wii.
 And cuddled a cat.
 Then Chris and Ellie headed to the movie (Gnomeo and Juliet) and I went to the grocery.
Unfair you say?
Ellie had been attached to my hip for a week.
2 hours alone in a grocery seemed heavenly.
I took my camera, but I was going to Walmart (cause I needed only basics and a few non grocery items).  The Walmart I go to is sort of rough.
I had lofty aspirations of taking artsy shots of the red peppers and rows of cereal.
But as I stood in the produce section, ready to get my camera out, I realized these people would laugh and point at me if I took a picture of the produce.
So, imagine, if you will, a lovely shot of red peppers here.
Or maybe a long shot of all the different coffees.
Or someone with their butt crack hanging out.

Ok, moving on.

Then when I got home, I put all the groceries away.
Then I made banana bread.
Cause apparently we can't get 5 bananas eaten in this house before they go bad.
Then I made turkey meatloaf for dinner.
Then I sat down to catch up on some correspondence.
Then my family came home.
As for the banana bread... 
 I added chocolate chips this time.
When it was cool, I promplty cut it in half and took it to my neighbors.
Cause my butt doesn't need a whole loaf.
(Did you see my breakfast?)
 Then we ate the (surprisingly tasty) meatloaf.
Gave Ellie a warm bath.
And put her to bed.
At 7.

Then we watched The Amazing Race.
It's not looking good for the cowboys.
And I love the cowboys.

Then we went to bed.
And that was our Sunday.


C. Beth said...

What a sweet post!

And I am VERY impressed at how much you got done while they were at a movie. Wow.

butt cracks hanging out...hee hee....

shelley c. said...

Something has to improve for the cowboys, or it has to be non-elimination, cuz they are getting a lot of screen time... :)

Sounds like a great Sunday!