Wednesday, February 23, 2011

who needs school?

So yesterday was the first day Ellie could go back to school.
And she was beyond excited to see her friends.
It had been over a week afterall.

So we get our coats and boots on.
We are walking out the door.
She is bursting with excitement.
And the school called...
and cancelled school due to illness.
For 2 days.
Apparently everyone has what she had.


The look of despair on Ellie's face was the saddest thing I have ever seen.

We have managed to have fun anyhow.
Yesterday was Chris' birthday activities and today we hit up the Natural History Museum.

I have to mention how impressed I was with lunch.
Cause Mama loves lunch.

Ellie had grilled cheese, carrots and cucumbers, a cookie and milk.
I had a grilled cheese, with grilled veggies, salt and vinegar chips, and a soda.
And it was delicious.
And cost $8.

Then we were going to surprise Daddy at work.
But there was not a parking spot to be had.
Sorry Daddy.

So, hopefully, we can go to school tomorrow.

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C. Beth said...

I love the monkey photo!