Saturday, September 11, 2010


Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and realize how lucky you are?  How truly blessed your life is?  I love days like that.  Days where the little problems and hassles of life seem trivial and even a little stupid.  Days where you bask in all that is good and right instead of all that is wrong and stressful?

Pants are a little tighter?  Who cares!  Meeting our new neighbors and sharing some wine and delicious dessert was worth it!

Husband gone AGAIN?  Who cares!  He has great friends and interests of his own which only makes our marriage stronger.  Plus he always gives extra good back rubs when he gets back.

Kid whining again?  Who cares!  She is healthy and happy and stubborn and wonderful.

Kid wants to wear her bathing suit to her soccer game?  Who cares!  In twelve seconds it will be over and she will be excited to put on her teeny tiny shin guards.

Crack in the kitchen ceiling is getting bigger?  Who cares!  We have a beautiful home that keeps us warm and safe.

Ran out of my favorite coffee?  Who cares!  Ok, I do.  This one is unacceptable.  Moving on.

Cat puked on the rug again?  Who cares!  She is our pet and we love her.  All 25 pounds of her.  Fatty.

Have to run 8 miles today?  Who cares!  It is only running, it is good for me, and I will be able to cross something off my bucket list when this silly half marathon is over.

So busy through the end of October that I can't even think straight?  Who cares!  We get to spend time with our wonderful friends, live life, drink wine, and catch up.

Have to somehow manage to get 4 folding chairs, water bottle, snacks, purse, and 4 year old a quarter mile alone at soccer game?  Who cares!  People love Ellie enough to come watch her play soccer.

A sore tooth?  Who cares!  I happen to adore my dentist.  He is family :)

A slightly dirty house?  Who cares!  I was too busy playing pretend and dress up to notice.

Reading a totally smutty book (when other, more insightful books await) and feeling guilty about it?  Who cares!  We can't read War and Peace every day.  Plus, it is really good!

Stressed out about schools?  Who cares!  It will all work out.  Ellie won't have to attend school in the hood city.  There are options.  Charter?  All girls?  Baccalaureate?  All are options.  Good options.

I love the "cup is half full" days.  The "seeing the silver lining" days.  Wish they could all be like this. 

I guess they all could be.  If I didn't let myself get so bogged down in the trivial stuff.

A new goal perhaps?

Why do you feel lucky today?  Think about it.  There are lots of reasons if you look hard enough.


C. Beth said...

Love it!! What an amazing attitude to have.

Our life in pictures said...

today I'm lucky because of you.

Karen said...

I loved this post. :) And that first picture of her is absolutely amazing. Thanks for a great read!