Monday, September 27, 2010

first annual davis, riley, kistler, jones-pesler golf outing

On Sunday we held the first ever Davis, Riley, Kistler, Jones-Pesler Golf Outing.
And it was a roaring success!
Spouses were split up and we played a scramble with a few little twists and turns thrown it.
Twists like, throwing the ball for a tee shot and putting backwards between your legs.
I had a monumental first.  I drank a beer (or 2) before noon.  And liked it!  Apparently, beer must be consumed before it is appropriate for me to enjoy it.
Only problem, beer drinking leads to needing to pee.  With not a lot of toilets available.
Now I am not a novice "woods pee-er."
Done it lots and lots of time.
But I got all flustered cause Kevin and Dave were coming...
and totally peed on my pants.
Megan thought that was picture worthy and I promised to include it in the blog.
So there you go.  I am pointing to the pee.

My team was victorious!  So Chris had to hand out the medals.
We really did have such a good time.  Thanks everyone for making it so fun!

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