Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i got nothin'

So it is going to be a post of total randomness...

First and foremost.  I think Josh Jackson, aka Charlie Conway, aka Pacey Witter, aka Peter Bishop is just about the cutest thing EVER.  Don't worry.  My husband knows all about it.
If you are my facebook friend, you know about my newfound obsession with nutella.  Ohdeargodinheaven.  I am going to weigh a ton due to this stuff.
I really wish I would have kept all my old strawberry shortcake stuff.  Ellie would love it.  My friend Julie has all her old stuff.  It might go missing.
Someone needs to get me these slippers for Christmas.  I don't care what color.  I go through slippers like toilet paper.  Love em.  Chris?  Paige?  Linda?  Discuss and coordinate.
They need to make my favorite book, Outlander, into a movie and cast Gerard Butler as Jamie.  He is almost handsome enough to pull it off.
Me thinks this shall be my new bedroom.  In my next life.
I am pretty sure this is the kind of dog I would want if we can ever talk Chris into it...
I absolutely adore the season of candy corn!

I could go on and on and on and on but I have stuff to do people.  Fun stuff like laundry, and dusting, and drawer cleaning outing, and tub scrubbing. 

So I go!


C. Beth said...

I've got to go buy some Nutella. I think I've had it once...but I'm not even 100% sure. I bet Chickie would love it.

shelley c. said...

Good casting choice for Jamie.
And those slippers look awesome.
I love randomness. :)

Meredith said...

They have actually been in the process of making Outlander into a movie for a while now. At least the beginning stages have been happening. not sure if it will ever make it on screen, but you should suggest Mr Butler to them, I think he is an excellent choice.