Tuesday, June 30, 2009

an experiment

Ellie and I had to be out of the house today from 11-3 for a "broker's open house." Basically, real estate agents walk through your home and hopefully try and sell it to one of their clients. This is all well and good, except I have the worlds worst cold. My head hurts, my throat is on fire, my whole body aches, and I go into great coughing spasms. Fun.

To try and make the day bearable, I decided to conduct an experiment to see if being extra nice to others would make me feel better. I just complimented people, was sure to smile and say hello, held doors, etc...

Wow. People are so jaded and rude!

I told this other mom at the library that I loved her necklace and she just kind of nodded and walked away.

I let a dude go ahead of me at the grocery because he only had a few items and I had a whole cart full and nary a word of appreciation.

I held the door for at least 5 people and only one said thanks.

Most people looked away when I smiled at them.

Seriously. It was really sad. I am losing hope for all mankind. I mean, how hard is it to smile at someone who is smiling at you?

Wow. Just wow.


Molly said...

oh my gosh, I know!!! I've done that too with the letting them in front of me in line, etc. Like, seriously. How hard is that?!?

Lisa and Shawn said...

That is terrible! I can't believe people were so rude!

forever folding laundry said...

What a bummer. But good for you for trying.

Good luck with the house. I know it can be tough to keep it clean 24/7! (For me, at least!)