Wednesday, June 24, 2009

book club turned golf club!

My book club went golfing! (Well, 4 of the 7 did, the others were invited to meet us for dinner afterwords.) We had such a good time too! I mean, sunshine, exercise, good conversation, being with good friends, what could be better?
As per usual, it is much better told in pictures.
Warming up.

Megan hit a supurb shot out of the trees, with slight damage to the tree directly in front of her ball.

Teeing off on No. 9. That sun was bright. I hit in on the green, thankyouverymuch.

Lisa on No. 9. Sand got the better of Lisa this day. Poor girl. She didn't let it get her down. There is a golfer in there ready to leap out! Get a few more rounds in her and watch out! Great technique!

Megan on No. 9. A real trooper. Hardly ever plays but is athletic enough to pull off anything. I was impressed! A natural putter.

Rebecca on No. 9. This girl can play! And is very modest about it. A good combination. She beat me, and my competitive juices are stoked!

Now that that's over with, let's go eat!

Just a few apps on the patio...delish!

The best part is we are going to make this a by-monthly thing! I had forgotten how nice it is to golf with other women instead of always playing with men. So much more relaxing!
Thanks for a fun night girls!


Molly said...
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Molly said...

That looks like so much fun and the food looks amazing...I mean, its no chicken sandwich, munchos and mt. dew, but it's a close second. :)