Tuesday, June 16, 2009

eight years

Eight years have passed and I'm happy to say
I love you more, even now, today.

You rub my feet, and grill for me
and gave me the cutest girl, age 3.

You always drive, 'cause I hate it so
and humor me when I say it's too slow.

You laugh at my jokes, and tell me they're funny.
and financially speaking, you bring home the money.

You don't complain of the food I cook
and let me spend hours with my nose in a book.

As Daddies go, you are king of the hill
no one is better...zero, zilch, nil.

You are so smart, you know it's true
have I mentioned that I love you?

You love to learn, golf and play ball
but always make sure to take my call.

I started running cause I needed it
and you push me out the door and say "go get fit!"

I am so lucky that I have you
Ellie is lucky you're her Daddy too.

I love you baby, this blog is for real
Here's to 50 more. Is that a deal?


Shannon said...

Very nice! Your anniversary? Congrats!

C. Beth said...


forever folding laundry said...

Oh, so cute!!

You need to print that out and frame it for him.

Happy Anniversary!


Molly said...

*snap, snap* outta sight, man!

(get it? cause it's poetry?)

No really....impressive!! Happy Anniversary to you both!!!

Sschraed said...

Awwww...very cute! Congrats!

sting36ray said...

Hi Tia! Love your blog. How do you find the time to be so thorough? I really enjoyed the pictures. I will be tuning in to watch as your life progresses. Yours is a lovely family and I am very happy to have had the chance to meet all of you.