Monday, June 15, 2009

indiana trip

Holy cow people. We have had a such a good week! And busy! Prepare yourselves. I captured it all on film to share with you!

We watched ball games, attended birthday and graduation parties, faired 4 days straight, went to school with Quincy, rummaged, fish fry'ed, golfed, met friends for lunch, parked, library'd, partied, partied, partied!

I tried to make time for friends this time and it was so nice to see the friends I saw. I got to golf with an old high school buddy. It was great to catch up with her. And I had lunch with one of my best friends in high school and his lovely wife. Great time!

Here are the pics!

Linda and Wayne's (my aunt and uncle) lovely house. We stayed here this time. This house burned down about 3 years ago while they were in Florida and Wayne and Linda just built it up again. The same as before only better. I love it there!

Ellie giving Linda a pedi. It looked pretty.

A little bike riding.

Linda's porch. My favorite place on earth.

Cheering on Quincy at her ball game.

Ellie, Tanner and Quincy at a graduation party.

Having a little breaky before church. Not sure what the face is??

Hitting a pinata at Luke's birthday party.

All the kids at the party.

What's a party without cake?

Remember I said I killed a snake? Well, I didn't actually kill it, but I was present when I was killed. See him there? He was a gigantic poisionous monster I am sure.

The kids watching the slaying.

Me and my dear friend Molly. The snake was in her backyard. We probably hadn't seen each other in 10 years. It was nice to catch up.

Ellie and Molly's Carter. Cute boy!

Playing at the park.

Hangin' out.

Cool sign in downtown Farmland. Yes Farmland is the name of the town. I grew up in the sticks.

My and cuz' Andy. He is so weird. We love him though.

Ellie and Kyler playing in the dirt at Quincy's game. These two are bethrothed.

"Go Quincy!!'

Ellie and Uncle Wayne huggin' on the porch.

Big bite of breakfast.

Ellie and Luke playin'.

Riding some rides at the fair.


Cheesy girls.

Why yes. I would love a bite.

Ellie and Linda on her side porch.

Doing a little cake walk. We won!

Getting ready to watch the fireworks.

Stuffed in Quincy's locker.

She was let out to eat some lunch.

More rides.

Peas in a pod!

The girls heading to Jerry's for some ice cream.


Catching a ride with Izzy.

Playing a game.

Relaxing for a minute.

Won the hat at one of the games. She loved it.

Tractors for the tractor pull. Told ya. Sticks!

Playing with a rummage sale find.

Getting ready to watch the parade.

Quincy and Izzy in the parade!

Getting the hang of picking up candy. Notice who is wearing the hat.
Fish fry!

Quincy got asked by Rhett to go on a ride! They like each other we think. Sorry if you read this Rhett or Quincy but it was SOO cute!

Quincy and Ellie checking out something. Not sure what?

Last cone of the trip. We had enough ice cream to last all summer.

I don't get them....

...but Iz totally rocks em.

Seriously, I am exhausted!
Exciting news to come! Stay tuned!


Molly said...

Sheesh...I'm tired just reading about it all!!! The picture of the snake just does not do it justice. I knew what I was looking for and I still had to squint and go "where is it?!"

It was SOOO AWESOME to see you! Make it an annual thing, puh-lease!

Lindy from Indy said...

OH man, am I jealous!!! Great reading about your trip!!!