Thursday, June 4, 2009

no pants dance

We went to the Mavrides for dinner last Friday. The kids (our Ellie and their Enzo, 2 weeks older) are getting really good at playing by themselves upstairs. This is great and gives us adults lots of talk time.

After about 20 minutes Ellie comes down, with no pants on. 2 minutes later, Enzo comes down, with no pants on. Now they are 3, so I know no funny business, or "doctor" was happening, but we adults got a kick out of it.

In the car on the way home this was the conversation:

Me: Who's idea was it to take pants off?
Ellie: It was my idea Mommy. (Great!)
Me: What did you do with no pants on?
Ellie: Oh, we just got in Enzo's bed with no pants on. (Ha!)

These kids.

Ellie and I are heading home to Indiana tomorrow for a week, so see you later, alligators!