Thursday, June 18, 2009

things i love today

turkey bacon
my own bed
my little tomatoes that are growing
my freshly cleaned carpets
an organized house (more to come in a later post!)
fried okra
the good book I am reading
So You Think You Can Dance (if you don't watch, you are missing out!)
walks around the block
a weed free flower bed
watching Ellie wiggle around, dancing
the idea of something new

and of course, this girl.


C. Beth said...

Dude, this is crazy--we can't watch SYTYCD. Some time in the past week, we lost our Fox signal. (We use antenna/digital tuner since we don't have cable or satellite.) They're building a new antenna or something at the station, and their signal is weak while they build it!

The Engineer was NOT HAPPY.

Maggie May said...

she's so beautiful! i love the 'eating breakfast' sidebar pic. hi there :)

Margo said...

very nice list... I love SYTYCD, but I forgot to dvr it this week! Oh well. Ellie looks incredibly awesome... glad you love watching her wiggle and dance :)

PetalsYoga said...

Yes Yes Yes! Turkey Bacon Rules!