Tuesday, June 9, 2009

just a little update

Golly, we have been in Indiana for 5 days already and lots has happened.

We have:

Gotten our pics taken, and they are sooo good.
Killed a snake.
Met up with a dear friend.
Been to Jerry's 18 times (um, that would be the local ice cream place).
Seen 2 home runs and a double play by Quincy Jo, age 12.
Played on a new playground.
Been to a new library.
Had lunch at the Chocolate Moose.
Played on Linda's front porch.
Rode our trycicle.

The fair hasn't even started yet. There are still rides, fireworks, cotton candy, a cake walk, a fish fry, and a parade to come.

There will be pics to come when we get home, but just know we are having a great time!


C. Beth said...

Oh, how fun! Except the snake, not so fun.

Mmm, ice cream sounds delicious right now.

Isabella said...

Heyy sound soo much fun!!! im still in chool :( no fun.. oh well it will be so worth it when i get up there!!

Molly said...

technically, you WATCHED a snake get killed! (hee hee)