Wednesday, July 1, 2009

around the house...again!

I did this awhile ago and had such fun with it that I thought I would do it again. Here are some more scenes from around my house.

Ellie's little table. All set and ready to eat.

The princesses having a gabfest.
Ariel: "Do you like my dress?"
Cinderella: "Girl, don't you know redheads shouldn't wear pink? Sheesh!"
Aurora: "That Cinderella is so full of herself!"
Belle: "Oh my! You should be nice all the time and not say things like that!"
Snow White: "I wish I had Aurora's pretty blonde hair."
Mulan: "Why am I tucked back here? I am always forgotten."
Jasmine: "Um, hello! I am the only one brave enough to show my belly. Props please!"

Ellie's temporary big girl bed. We had all the stuff, but it is not exactly pretty.

Proof that my sheets get washed. And Ellie being, well, Ellie.

A little birdie I got for $2. Score!

One end of my mantle.

My "staged" breakfast nook. You want to buy my house and drink coffee there, right?

The worlds largest for sale sign. And we somehow ended up with two. I am confused. They just keep showing up in our yard.

The worlds smallest bathroom.

A cute little tin that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. If you can guess what's in it I will make you snickerdoodles. And Paige, you can't guess, cause you might remember. Chris, you can't guess either.

Our "staged" porch. Doesn't it look cozy and inviting?

This little lovely lives in there.

My "garden."

Why hello Mr. Gnome!

Our own little piece of plastic paradise.

Peaches are good right now! Chris and I can't get enough of em.

On another note, we went to the Rainforest today and I got a few good shots.

The cutest little baby monkey. E and I watched him for 20 minutes and decided his name was Gabriel.



Molly said...

1. Cute birdie!!
2. Love the breakfast nook!!!
3. I don't know what is in the tin but I wish I did becaue I L-O-V-E your snickerdoodles. I'll guess golf balls...or buttons...or love letters...or something made of paper...or plastic...or metal. Am I close? :)
4. That is the cutest little gnome I've ever seen.
5. That is the cutest little monkey I've ever seen.

That is all. :)

Paige said...

You can't forbid people from participating...what kind of blogger are you anyway??? Chris' favorite cookie is snickerdoodles and you won't even let him guess. Chances are he doesn't know...husbands rarely do!!!

Tia said...

Chris DOES know what's in the tin, so he can't guess, but I promise, if someone guesses correctly, I will make a double batch to share with him.